I picked up a pencil at the age of 43 as my husband Rick, a United States Air Force “Chief,” went off to the Gulf War as an advisor. I believe my new creative adventure was an outlet of my sadness as memories of our separation during the Viet Nam War swelled up in my heart. One does not get used to being apart but it is tolerated.

Our son Jason, an outstanding photographer who was then completing his degree at the University of Arizona, encouraged me to continue my art and not be insecure because of my lack of formal training. So I persevered and upon Rick’s return, we decided that I should pursue this new path of being an artist. My mind was a blank canvas but I was ready and anxious to explore my new found talent, while studying business practices.

To make a long story short, with much prayer and guidance our business has grown to heights I never imagined. Rick, now retired from the Air Force, completed a business degree and manages everything. The respective talents of my husband and son compliment mine, and together they make me look good. I could not perform the tasks that are required to run this business. Trust me!

Aside from our business at Adorable Art for Baby, we are commissioned by corporate and political clients to design various projects of Custom Corporate Patriotic Christmas cards, invitations, family history books, and advertising materials. My love of Americana is expressed in this facet of our company. We have been blessed to have products and services shared with corporate heads, celebrities, Congressmen…all the way to the White House.

I take no credit for these accomplishments and opportunities. The recognition goes to the Lord who orchestrated the opening of the doors for us to pass through. We are truly blessed!

Custom Illustration is very enjoyable but our hearts soar when we receive orders that celebrate the new lives of little Americans.  My passion is designing art prints that are personalized for your precious children who are truly treasures. You’ll never know the joy I feel knowing that we have delighted you with your purchase. Moreso that hopefully these sweet images inscribed with an inspirational message favorably impact the life of your child, especially if they are graced with God’s word.

I invite you to browse our Gallery and feel the love. Visit us often and by all means please do share our shop with others. Rick and I will be hard at work, giggling as we create the next design!

Linda Paige Tolis



Linda Paige Tolis - American Artist

I thank you for allowing me to help you share your love and joy for faith, family and friends.

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